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  STORES 12 September 2019  
  Scene Shang  
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  STORES 30 July 2019  
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  STORES 30 January 2019  
  Chateau d'Ax  
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  STORES 13 May 2018  
  Craft By 3  
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  STORES 25 May 2015  
  DFS Flagship Store  
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  NIGHTLIFE 12 May 2015  
  Bar Ippudo  
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  CULINARY 27 April 2015  
  The Waterfall  
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  CULINARY 16 April 2015  
  Neon Pigeon  
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   Email ThisTags : Urban Izakaya Tokyo Underground Culture Soups Greens Seafood Japanese Snacks Tsukune Sliders Meatball Patty Slider Bun Kyuri Tare Aioli Barbecued Pork Shoulder Onigiri Rice Beer Whiskey Cocktails Harajuku Girl Shiso Leaf Sake Junmai Daiginjo Ginjo Honjozo EDG Interior Architecture + Design Graffiti Work ZERO  
  NIGHTLIFE 16 March 2015  
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   Email ThisTags : Lasers Light Shows Sound System Bottle Service Club Lounge 3D Projection LED Outlining Smoke Machines Bu Shukun Architology Interiors Pte Ltd VIP Booth Catwalk Platforms  
  CULINARY 11 February 2015  
  Xin Yue  
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  FASHION 11 January 2015  
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