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  STORES 6 September 2020  
  Mutt Motorcycles  
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  CULINARY 8 January 2020  
  Burger Frites  
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  CULINARY 3 December 2019  
  Ginkakuji Onishi  
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  STORES 6 November 2019  
  China Collection  
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  NIGHTLIFE 28 January 2019  
  Idle at Avenue  
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  FASHION 18 September 2018  
  The WYLD Shop  
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  CULINARY 9 September 2018  
  The Communal Place  
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  CULINARY 26 July 2018  
  Homeground Coffee Roasters  
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  CULINARY 14 June 2018  
  Platypus Cantina  
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  CULINARY 28 March 2018  
  Picotin Express East Coast  
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  PROPERTY 9 October 2017  
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  CULINARY 3 April 2017  
  Vino Kushiyaki  
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  STORES 6 December 2016  
  Weber Store & Training Centre  
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  HEALTH & BEAUTY 26 November 2016  
  Scissors Art  
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  SPORTS & RECREATION 10 February 2016  
  Spartans Boxing Club  
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