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  CULINARY 28 October 2018  
  HarriAnns Nonya Table  
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  CULINARY 10 September 2018  
  Hej Kitchen & Bar  
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  ARTS & CULTURE 6 November 2017  
  Peranakan Gallery  
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  CULINARY 29 August 2017  
  Chef Wan's Kitchen  
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  CULINARY 26 July 2017  
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  CULINARY 24 July 2017  
  Peranakan Flavours  
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  CULINARY 15 May 2017  
  Whole Earth  
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  CULINARY 7 November 2016  
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  CULINARY 22 July 2016  
  Ellenborough Market Café  
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  CULINARY 21 July 2016  
  Tok Panjang Peranakan Cafe  
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  CULINARY 16 June 2016  
  The Peranakan  
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  NIGHTLIFE 1 April 2016  
  Black Nut  
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  CULINARY 30 December 2015  
  National Kitchen by Violet Oon  
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  STORES 12 May 2015  
  Sara Taseer  
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  CULINARY 30 April 2015  
  House of Peranakan Petit  
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  TRAVEL 9 April 2015  
  Hotel Clover 33 Jalan Sultan  
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