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  STORES 26 January 2021  
  FairPrice Xtra Parkway Parade  
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  HEALTH & BEAUTY 4 November 2019  
  Dover Park Day Care  
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  CULINARY 9 August 2016  
  Soi Thai Kitchen  
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  STORES 22 July 2016  
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  GREEN 18 July 2015  
  Istana Spice & Orchid Gardens  
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  CULINARY 22 May 2015  
  Tonkin Vietnamese Noodle Bar  
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  CULINARY 8 May 2015  
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  CULINARY 30 April 2015  
  House of Peranakan Petit  
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  CULINARY 30 March 2015  
  FYR Cycene Ond Drinc  
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  CULINARY 5 March 2015  
  Chick & Ken  
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