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  SPORTS & RECREATION 8 March 2015  
  Amore Fitness & Boutique Spa  
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  CULINARY 14 October 2014  
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  HEALTH & BEAUTY 25 September 2014  
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  CULINARY 7 August 2014  
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  CULINARY 25 April 2013  
  Menya Musashi  
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  CULINARY 23 March 2013  
  Lee's Taiwanese  
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  HEALTH & BEAUTY 13 March 2013  
  Indulge Skinlab  
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  HEALTH & BEAUTY 13 March 2013  
  Crabtree & Evelyn  
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  CULINARY 6 March 2013  
  Fresh Healthy Café  
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  CULINARY 26 February 2013  
  Chewy Junior  
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  CULINARY 12 February 2013  
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  TRAVEL 21 January 2013  
  The Travel Store  
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  CULINARY 21 January 2013  
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  CULINARY 16 January 2013  
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  HEALTH & BEAUTY 16 January 2013  
  Palette Nail  
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  STORES 10 January 2013  
  Home & Giving  
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  CULINARY 27 November 2012  
  Four Leaves  
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  STORES 27 November 2012  
  Howards Storage World  
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  CULINARY 26 November 2012  
  Awfully Chocolate  
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  HEALTH & BEAUTY 25 November 2012  
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   Email ThisTags : Star Vista Eyebrow Therapists Skin Type Facial Bone Features Occupation Fashion Sense Daily Makeup Style Eye Liner Lip Define Services Facial Beauty Care Free Consultation Aesthetics Knowledge Face Refresh Treatment Facial Natural Glow Natural Methodology  
  STORES 22 November 2012  
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   Email ThisTags : Lifestyle The Star Vista Teak Accessories Limited Edition Designer Pieces Scandinavian Golden Brown Domestic Furnishing Restful Home Lasting Furniture Natural Beauty Executive’s Home Germany Singapore Taiwan Brunei Japan Canada USA  
  CULINARY 20 November 2012  
  La Barra  
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   Email ThisTags : Star Vista Authentic Colombian Arepas Empanadas Carne Asada Patacones Gluten-Free Wheat-Free Fresh Toppings Beef Chicken Avocado Ham Black Beans Hogao Refajo Colombiana Aguardiente Aguila Club Colombia Redd’s Pura Shakes Fruit Juices  
  FASHION 20 November 2012  
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   Email ThisTags : The Star Vista Craftsmanship Fine Jewellery Contemporary Pioneer White Gold Platinum Bridal Celestial Diamond Starburst Cut 8-Pointed Starburst Pattern The Gemological Institute Of America  
  CULINARY 10 November 2012  
  Itacho Sushi  
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  CULINARY 6 November 2012  
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  CULINARY 6 November 2012  
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   Email ThisTags : Star Vista Mark Tan Vincent Sim Espresso Malaysia Farmer’s Bread Bowl Germany Wheat Rye Flours Carbohydrates Proteins B-vitamin Vitamin E Phosphorus Iron Calcium Nutritious Vegan Meals Diet Salads Organic Ingredients Pasta Berjaya Times Square  
  KIDS 6 November 2012  
  Natures Collection  
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  GREEN 20 October 2012  
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   Email ThisTags : Star Vista Environmentally Responsible Greenviron Sustainable LED Spotlights Fluorescent Tube Converters Green Eco Lifestyle Stationeries Energy Monitoring Devices Composters Educational Kits Eco-Friendly Home Products Solar Water Panels Heaters Corporate Gifts Recycled Glass Table Kitchen Ware Recycled Plastic Bottle Organic Cotton Bag Sustainable Bamboo Towels  
  CULINARY 11 October 2012  
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   Email ThisTags : Star Vista American Barbecue Sticky Bones Pork Ribs Barbecue Sauce Tuscan Spicy Tomato Sauce Red-Skin Mashed Potatoes Alfresco Seating Soulful Blues  
  CULINARY 8 October 2012  
  Senior Taco  
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   Email ThisTags : Star Vista Chill-Out Destination Tacos Quesadillas Fresh Tortillas Agave Tequila Tipple Mexico Flautas Homemade Spicy Salsas Latin English Pop R&B Music Party Guadalajara  
  NIGHTLIFE 6 October 2012  
  District 10  
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   Email ThisTags : The Star Vista.Pinchos Basque Northern Spain Small Bites Huevos Rotos Jamon Spanish Potato Tortilla Sauteed Mushroom Quail Egg Patatas Brava Garlic Mayonnaise Pescadito Grito Fried Anchovies Manchego Cheese UE Square Argentinean Rib-Eye Pizza Iberico Ham Rocket Hoegaarden Rigatoni Fish & Chips Wagyu Meat Balls Resident DJ  
  STORES 2 October 2012  
  Cold Storage  
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   Email ThisTags : Star Vista Mall Pax Britannica Industrial Revolution Australia Supermarket Operator First Choice No Frills At Cold Storage Market Place Shop N Save Supermarkets Juice Wines Drinks Frozen Dairy Snacks Rice & Noodles Breads Cereals Household Papergoods Kitchenware Housebrand Products  
  STORES 21 September 2012  
  Candy Empire  
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   Email ThisTags : Star Vista Snack Chocolate Bar Liquorice Candies Lollipops Gummies Rice Crackers Sugar Free Biscuits Newman’s Butlers Lindt After Eight M&M’s Mars Cadbury Maltesers Chocolate Grove Movenpick Cote D’Or Nestle Green & Blacks Whittaker’s Jelly Beans Wafers Marshmallows Nougat Popcorn  
  CULINARY 12 June 2012  
  Wrap & Roll  
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   Email ThisTags : Vietnamese Ho Chi Minh Spring Roll Minced Pork Rice Rolls Mullet Fish Crepe Pancake Central Vietnam Star Vista Mall Pho  
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