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  CULINARY 10 November 2017  
  Merci Marcel  
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  GREEN 22 September 2017  
  Therapeutic Garden (Tiong Bahru)  
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  CULINARY 13 June 2017  
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  PROPERTY 10 September 2015  
  Alex Residences  
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  CULINARY 30 April 2015  
  House of Peranakan Petit  
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  ARTS & CULTURE 18 March 2015  
  ArtBlue Studio  
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  CULINARY 10 March 2015  
  The Rabbit Stash  
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  STORES 6 March 2015  
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  CULINARY 10 February 2015  
  The Singapura Club  
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  CULINARY 13 January 2015  
  Le Halo  
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