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  STORES 13 May 2018  
  Craft By 3  
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  STORES 12 March 2018  
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  KIDS 25 August 2017  
  Wayneston Studios  
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  ATTRACTIONS 26 August 2016  
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  CULINARY 5 October 2015  
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  CULINARY 27 May 2015  
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  HEALTH & BEAUTY 22 May 2015  
  Skin Shape Club  
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  ARTS & CULTURE 20 May 2015  
  Glitch Singapore  
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  STORES 20 February 2015  
  One Olive  
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  SPORTS & RECREATION 9 February 2015  
  Stepping Out Studios  
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  CULINARY 26 January 2015  
  Geek Cafe  
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  ARTS & CULTURE 12 January 2015  
  National Museum of Singapore  
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  CULINARY 9 January 2015  
  Institute of Nutrition  
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