The Dream Makers Three (Singapore)

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from Mediacorp Channel 8
The Dream Makers Three is an upcoming Singaporean television drama series set to air 4th December 2016 on Channel 8. The story revolves around the lives of employees in a TV station, giving viewers a peek into what is behind the scenes in the entertainment world.

It is told in two parts, the first being the mid-year anniversary drama celebrating 50 years of television, and the second coinciding MediaCorp's big move from Caldecott Hill to Mediapolis@one-north.

Find airdate for next season of The Dream Makers below.

For its third Season, Mediacorp Channel 8 promises more excitement and twists in the story.

"We are trying to re-invent everything from the ground up, to make the show more entertainning for new viewers as well as old viewers" says Rebecca Leow, writer on the show since 2013!

"We have been very inspired by recent South Korean TV shows and we think they are a great inspiration for our next season" well known Director Wong Foong Hwee concluded!

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Last season ended with Tonglin returning to the screen, while Lin Tao, Weiyun and Xie’en help Shouyi fulfil his long-time wish. Fei’er recovers and begins a happy life with Yiming. Zihuai starts a relationship with Chen Guang, while Tonglin and Jason welcome a baby into their lives. Weiyun fulfils Yu Fan’s tenth wish, with Lin Tao’s help.

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Season 3 Episodes Summary

  • Episode 1 - Plot details coming soon. Airs 2nd December 2016
  • Episode 2 - Plot details coming soon. Airs 5th December 2016
  • Episode 3 - Plot details coming soon. Airs 6th December 2016
  • Episode 4 - Plot details coming soon. Airs 7th December 2016
  • Episode 5 - Plot details coming soon. Airs 8th December 2016
  • Episode 6 - Plot details coming soon. Airs 9th December 2016
  • Episode 7 - Plot details coming soon. Airs 12th December 2016
Other episodes airdate will be communicated later